Cornerstone Capabilities

Timely, efficient, and fast turnaround of data helps identify information and feedback to provide you with objective evidence from which conclusions can be drawn.
A few or our testing capabilities are:

  • Qualitative * Central location testing

  • Quantitative * In Home Use

  • Attribute analysis * Malodor

  • Hedonics * Screening * Benchmarking

Different companies need different things to optimize their product development efforts. These differences determine:

WHO will participate in the study
WHAT product will be tested
WHERE the products will be tested
WHEN the products can be tested
WHY the products are being tested
HOW the test will be conducted

The Partnership Difference gives us control over the test in order to offer the best results to fit your companies needs, while respecting your deadlines and timetables.

Teamwork increases confidence in the decisions that are based upon those results.

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