Advisory Panel

The Cornerstone Marketing Group, Inc has established an advisory panel to work in collaboration with us or our clients when a particular expertise is needed. This panel consists of the following and will continue to expand as needs arise:

  • Cosmetologists

  • Nail Technicians

  • Aestiticians

  • Registered Nurse

  • Veterinarian

  • Odor Judges / Evaluators

  • Flavorist

  • Formulating Chemist

  • Toxicologist

  • Biochemist

Proper panels are used to determine results for whom the product is intended.

  • General Population

  • Targeted Populations

  • Department Store Shoppers

  • Kids Panels

  • Ethnic Populations

  • Full Socioeconomic Populations

  • Multiple Locations

  • E-mail Accessible

  • Surveys

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