Welcome to the Cornerstone Marketing Group, Inc

The Cornerstone Marketing Group, Inc. utilizes traditional testing methods that can compliment the creative product development process. Protocols and procedures are developed to yield the rationale to support claims, offer documentation from which decisions can be made and help guide the product development process, confirm or verify product claims and efficacy.

The Cornerstone Marketing Group is designed to offer you a competitive advantage. Applied data will allow you to interpret information that answers your product questions or determine product benefits.

When you need to assess personal views, opinion and responses by current or potential consumers of product, ideas or services:

  • Final consumer acceptance/ preference

  • Product maintenance * Product Evaluations

  • Product Improvement * Claims Support

  • New Product Development

  • Fragrance acceptance/ preference

  • Troubleshooting * Cost reductions

  • Concept acceptance * Surveys

Contact Cornerstone Marketing Group: valerie@cornerstonemkt.com